Our Response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

DATE: March 13, 2020

SUBJECT:  Suspension of all Church Activities

Dear Church,

After meeting as a Board, and in response to the recent health measures from our government, we are writing to you today to let you know that we have suspended all our church events and activities, effectively immediately. This includes all three of our worship services (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English) this Sunday, March 15, as well as Sunday School and any other activities on premise and off-site.

This has been a hard decision, because it strikes at the heart of our life together – our worship of God, and our love and fellowship together. And yet it has become increasingly clear this is the right decision, in order to protect the many elderly in our church, and also to do our part as citizens to stop the transmission of this virus. Many churches here in Vancouver and all over the world have also cancelled their services and meetings for these reasons. Due to these considerations, we believe that not meeting for worship this Sunday will be a way for us to love our church, our families, our elderly, and our neighbours here in Vancouver and the world.

We will be in regular communication in the coming days. Pray for us as we make plans for the care of our church. In particular, please let other members and regulars know about the cancellation of our events and services, especially those with little access to email or other forms of social media.

Until we see each other again, remember our God is in charge in heaven,He does all that He pleases; He loves us His children, and has redeemed us by the cost of His Son on the cross, and we have the privilege of serving Him with our lives here. None of this has changed. Let’s trust Him and live for His glory together.

In His Service,

The Church Deacon Board and Pastors





為響應政府最近採取的衞生措施, 經執事會會議後, 現發出公告,教會暫時停止所有聚會,即時生效,包括 3 月 15 日(本主日)三堂主日崇拜(普通話、 粵語和英語) 、 主日學及在教會和教會以外其他任何活動。

這是艱難的決定,因為它觸及我們共同生活的核心 – 就是敬拜上帝,彼此相愛與團契。然而, 事態發展顯明這是正確的決定,以保護我們教會的許多長者,並盡我們作為公民的一份力量來阻止這病毒的傳播。基於這些原因, 在溫哥華和全世界的許多教會也取消了崇拜和聚會。出於這些考慮,我們認為,本週日不舉行崇拜聚會是我們愛我們的教會,我們的家人,我們的長者和我們在溫哥華的鄰舍乃至全世界的一種方式。

在未來的日子, 我們會保持聯繫, 請為我們制定關顧教會的計劃禱告。 並請通知其他會友和經常參加聚會者, 有關我們取消崇拜和其他活動的消息,尤其是那些沒有或很少使用電郵或社交媒體的會友。

在我們再次合一敬拜之前,請緊記我們的上帝在天上掌管一切, 祂按祂的喜悅行事; 祂愛祂的兒女,並以祂愛子在十字架上的代價買贖我們, 以至我們能蒙恩惠事奉祂。這一切都沒有改變, 讓我們信靠祂,一起為祂的榮耀而活。